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All 3 on the right:  25 April.


Over a thousand tulips are planted for late April and May mixed with wallflowers and forget-me-nots.  


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Greg Beedle

Gants Mill

Bruton, Somerset  BA10 0DB


Dahlias and castor oil plants.


These pictures show the succession of flowers throughout the summer in the main garden.  The planting is all colour-themed.

Left and right: 7 June.


Left: We have a large collection of bearded iris, and one favourite is in the foreground: "Violet Icing".  The delphiniums are just starting.


Right: the deep red astrantia and dusky pink oriental poppies dominate the "dirty pink" bed.


The next 3 pictures were taken on 17 and 24 May showing the perennials growing strongly and  the earliest bearded iris with their irridescent petals.

"Violet Icing" iris and delphiniums. Astrantia in the dirty pink bed.

Left and right: 18 June.


The pergola is a mass of pink and white roses.  


The white rose Rambling Rector (right) covers the end of the pergola which is the entrance to the garden.

Pink and white roses on the pergola. The white rose "Rambling Rector" on the pergola.

All 3 below: 12 July


The garden has an amazing collection of spider day lilies which flower through July, seen in the beds in the picture below left.  

Below centre: This most prized day lily is Curly Cinnamon Windmill.

Below right: The penstemons above the pond and the graceful arching stems of the Angels' Fishing Rods (Dierama) reaching out over the water.

As you walk around the garden, the sound of water is everywhere.  The gravity fed stream goes over waterfalls, through ponds, and keeps the bog garden moist, before cascading down into the river.

All 3 below: 2 August


Below left: the deep pink rose arch has flowered in July and is now at its best, and the perfumed phlox adds an extra dimension to the garden.

Below centre: the arch with the mauve clematis Perle d'Azur leads you into the garden.

Below right: the hot coloured end of the garden is getting into its stride with the dahlias, and the red rose on this pergola is in full flower.

Left and right: 30 August


Left: The hot-coloured end of the garden is reaching a crescendo - a riot of colour with the rudbeckia and dahlias.


Right: At the other end of the garden, dahlias in mauve and pink mix with japanese anemone and verbena bonariensis.

Dahlias and yellow rudbeckia. Dahlias and Japanese anemones.

All 3 below: 16 September


Left: The pink and mauve dahlias, echinacea and Michaelmas daisies.

Centre: the flame and gold dahlias along the millpool wall.

Right: The same dahlias with golden rudbeckia at the hot end of the garden, with a sculpture on the lawn.

Had the most amazing day yesterday - thank you to all concerned!  It goes without saying that Gants Mill is simply stunning and you couldn't dream it better. What amazing fun - want to do it all again.

When you decide you want to get married in a garden this is what you dream of - thank you Gants Mill!     Kate & Ross

Tulips and wallflowers. White tuips round the gazebo. Tulips and wallflowers. Bedding growing strongly near the gazebo. White iris near the brickcircle. Bearded iris. Golden daylilies. Daylily "Curly Cinnamon Windmill". Penstemons near the pond. Mauve phlox and the deep pink rambling rose on the arch. The arch with the clematis "Perle d'Azur". Dahlias and the deep red climbing rose on the pergola. Dahlias and Japanese anemones. Dahlias round the millpool wall. The view from the gazebo.